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The “Raise Green” podcast explores the climate crises through the minds of local leaders and global experts. Short, accessible conversations explore new ways of working together via personal stories about creating a healthy, just, and sustainable future.

As economic disparity, environmental degradation, and social injustices continue emerging as defining issues of the 21st century, we need solutions that scale faster than the pace of the problems. These conversations ask how. Welcome to "Raise Green” with Franz Hochstrasser and Matt Moroney.

Episode 19

Financing Social Change through Green Infrastructure

The Raise Green Podcast features Antony Bugg-Levine, the CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund, one of the nation’s leading Community Development Finance Institutions, and Donnel Baird, the Founder & CEO of BlocPower, a Brooklyn-based energy technology startup rapidly greening American cities. This week, they spoke with Franz to discuss green infrastructure, community resilience, and financing social change.

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Episode 20

Solar-powered Community Resilience feat. Lynn Heller of the Climate Access Fund 

23 Mar 2022

Episode 19

Financing Social Change through Green Infrastructure feat. Donnel Baird, CEO & Founder of BlocPower, & Anthony Bugg-Levine, CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund

15 Feb 2022

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Forging Environmental Justice Through Crowdfunding feat. Elizabeth Carter, Esq., Regulation Crowdfunding Lawyer

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Interconnection, Justice, and Restoration feat. Rob Greenfield , Social and Environmental Activist

4 Jan 2022

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Dec 2021

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Clean Energy, COP26, and Cutting Through Corporate Crap featuring David Roberts

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Transforming Commercial Solar with Inclusive Finance featuring Shingi Samudzi of Lumen Energy

Oct 2021

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Lending for Energy Efficiency Improvements featuring Peter Krajsa and Matthew Brown of the National Energy Improvement Fund

Oct 2021

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Deployable Solar, Microgrids, and Energy Resilience featuring Chaz Peling of SolSolutions

Oct 2021

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Base Load Renewables, Sustainable Design, and Circular Economy featuring Rick Sellers

Jul 2021

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Ending Water Poverty in the Developing World featuring Elizabeth Clandos of Ola Filter

Jun 2021

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Philanthropy, Capital Markets, and Environmental Justice featuring Margot Brandenburg

Apr 2021

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Art as a Medium for Expression and Impact featuring DJ CAVEM

Apr 2021

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The Future of Finance featuring John Clippinger

Nov 2020

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The Rise of Impact Investing featuring Joel Solomon

Oct 2020

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Climate Agreements and Negotiations featuring Sue Binaz

Sep 2020

Episode 2 (Part 1)

Climate Agreements and Negotiations featuring Sue Binaz

Sep 2020

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Systems Transformation, Circular Economy, and Sustainable Design featuring Eva Gladek

Aug 2020