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Raise Green's investor marketplace is a platform for local impact investing.

We offer access to accredited and non-accredited, corporate or individual investors who want fractional ownership in clean energy and climate solution projects, and are looking to invest for local impact.

Our investor marketplace is licensed with the SEC and FINRA to sell private securities.

Join a growing community of creators and investors

Impact investing is growing

Investor interest continues to rise: 95% of millennials are interested in sustainable investing

Adoption is accelerating: 67% of millennials are adopting 1+ impact investing activity

Options have been too limited: 65% of U.S. individual investors cited a lack of available products as a barrier to including sustainable investing in their portfolios.

Investors want products that match their interests: 84% of U.S. individual investors want the ability to tailor their investments to their values.

Investors believe in social and environmental investments: 86% believe companies embracing environmental and social practices may potentially be more profitable and be better long-term investments.

Sources: Morgan Stanley, 2019

Impact investing is growing

Start investing in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Create an account for free

If this is your first investment, you will need to create your investor profile. You are required to complete your investor profile before you can invest in a project.

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Step 2

Pick a project

Browse local climate action projects that are open for investment. You can explore a project’s financial profile, its anticipated impact, and learn about the community the project would support.

Watch Your Impact Grow

Step 3

Invest and back a project

Once you have selected a project and your profile has been approved, it’s time to decide how much money to invest in the project. Pick the number of shares you want to purchase. The amount you invest determines how much of the project you own. You can invest as little as $100 or as much as $100,000 toward any open project listed on Raise Green.

Invest And Back A Project

Step 4

Watch your impact grow

With Raise Green, your money is invested directly in a climate action project, which means you can track the impact of your solar investment as it generates clean power.

Sit back and watch the business you invested in work hard to grow!

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Raise Green Due Diligence


We screen all projects before they are opened for investment

R. Revenue

A. Ambition

I. Impact

S. Social

E. Environmental

Revenue: Does the project have a clear revenue stream, and what is the status of the contracted cash flows?

Ambition Is the project going to create ambitious and demonstrable additionality from a standpoint of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and income inequality, and from the standpoint of strengthening resilience in the community? Is the idea (the problem and solution) compelling and ambitious? What are the execution, quality, attention to detail, and technology like?

Impact Has there been measurable progress, growth, and social proof (i.e. user engagement, stakeholder engagement)? Will the proposed project be able to generate the impacts it intends to create?

Social Are the originator, founding team, and organizations socially conscious and responsible? Among the things we look for: dedication, diversity, location, charisma, experience, vision, track record, network, competence, long-term partners, ability to execute.

Environmental: Is the project going to make the world a better place by creating environmental benefits?

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Check out more information about Raise Green in our FAQ. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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