How to invest

Start investing

Follow steps to learn more about how to start investing

  • 1 Create a free account
  • 2 Pick a project
  • 3 Invest and back a project
  • 4 Watch your impact grow

Step 1

Create a free account

If this is your first investment, you will need to create your investor profile. You are required to complete your investor profile before you can invest in a project.

Step 2

Pick a project

Browse local climate action projects that are open for investment. You can explore a project’s financial profile, its anticipated impact, and learn about the community the project would support.

Step 3

Invest and back a project

Once you have selected a project and your profile has been approved, it’s time to decide how much money to invest in the project. Pick the number of shares you want to purchase. You can invest as little as $100 or as much as $5,000,000 toward any open project listed on Raise Green.

Step 4

Watch your impact grow

Your money is invested directly in a climate action project or climate tech company, which means you can track the impact of your investment. Sit back and watch the business you invested in work hard to grow!

Join the growing community of creators and investors who are investing today to power tomorrow.

Our investor marketplace is for people who understand that investing in clean energy projects is not just the right thing to do. It can also be the profitable one. 

Our offerings are open to accredited, non-accredited, institutional, corporate and individual investors seeking fractional ownership in clean energy and climate solutions with outsize local impact.

We are registered with the SEC and FINRA to sell private securities. We can raise money for any company incorporated in a US state or territory.