It Takes All of Us

Raise Green is the marketplace for impact investing. We connect climate entrepreneurs with the funds they need to turn their ideas into reality. From solar farms in Maui, to water reuse systems in Phoenix, to geothermal power installations in Alaska, the solutions to climate change are all around us, but they need our support. It’s not too late to turn things around, but we must work together to solve these problems. Raise Green is making that possible. For as little as $100 you can be part of the solution. We’re all on this planet together, so let’s hit reset on this failing, unsustainable system before time runs out.

Franz Hochstrasser

Franz Hochstrasser

CEO & Co-Founder: Former Obama appointee on energy and climate for the White House, US State Department, and United States Department of Agriculture. Part of the core team that negotiated the Paris Agreement.

Matt Moroney

Matt Moroney

COO & Co-founder: Data scientist with 10+ years experience in environmental remediation, permitting and sustainability strategy. A cyclist with distaste for American urban planning.

Jackie Logan

Jackie Logan

CIO and Co-Founder: 30+ years of experience building financial products with deep expertise in compliance and product development.

Omino Gardezi

Omino Gardezi

Advisor: Business and design leader, startup advisor, and filmmaker Omino Gardezi is a successful leader of global creative firms who has advised Fortune 100 companies on design and innovation issues.

Dr. John Clippinger

Dr. John Clippinger

Advisor: MIT Media Lab and MIT City Sciences researcher, founder and visionary on complex-self organizing systems and new approaches to organizational and institutional design to address fundamental civic, economic and ecological issues.

Dr. Angel Hsu

Dr. Angel Hsu

Advisor: Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at UNC Chapel Hill and Founder/Director of the Data-Driven EnviroPolicy Lab, an interdisciplinary research group that innovates and applies quantitative approaches to pressing environmental issues.

Charlie Berg

charlie berg raise green

CTO: Charlie Berg is a serial entrepreneur who has brought more than 30 new technology products to market. He has been a tech leader at 21 startups, 7 of which had successful exits. Charlie has more than 10 years experience in the utility, energy and green tech fields. Charlie was also a professional musician who toured with Don Byron, Uri Caine, David Byrne, and many more.

Dr. Martin Wainstein

Dr. Martin Wainstein

Advisor: Founder of Yale Open Lab, and Founder of Open Climate Collabathon, researcher at MIT Digital Currency Initiative. Open source and blockchain tech expert with PhD in distributed energy systems.

Onyeka Obiocha

Onyeka Obiocha raise green advisor

Advisor: Social entrepreneur with a penchant for catalyzing community change, Onyeka is a Partner in Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, a startup studio built to start, support and scale community impact. He previously served as the Managing Director of the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale.

Eddie Haubrich


Advisor: Former White House National Security Council staffer and appointee at the U.S. Agency for International Development. Passion for finding solutions to inequality through entrepreneurship and technology.

Lauren Hale

Lauren Hale

Executive Assistant: Environmental Studies graduate from University of California, Santa Cruz. Lauren is often touted as Raise Green's central nervous system. Dancing her way through life in an attempt to make it more sustainable, just, and groovy for all.

Laura Pillari

lauri pillari raise green

Senior Project Manager: Laura’s background is in energy and climate systems engineering, with 7 years of renewable technology commercialization and business development experience. She can be found running the hills of San Francisco when not tirelessly working to get solar projects off the ground.

Tyler Ogden

Tyler Ogden

Head of Projects: Over 7 years of experience in cleantech. Received a B.A. from Hampshire College and has advised Fortune 500 companies, venture capital firms, and government research institutions on open innovation, startup investment, technology strategy, and research & development.

Sophie Nikitas

sophie nikitas raise green

Investor Marketplace Associate: Before Raise Green, Sophie worked in financial planning and impact investing at Morgan Stanley. Based in Minneapolis, Sophie is an avid biker, camper, community garden-tender, and multimedia artist. She is also a 2021 Clean Energy Leadership Institute Fellow.

Ben Dlin

ben dlin raise green

Integrated Marketing Specialist: Ben has spent the last few years as a marketing and business development consultant for legal and healthcare organizations. Three BAs from Johns Hopkins, MNR from Virginia Tech. Can be found bemoaning Philadelphia sports teams or backpacking.

Aaron Rabinowe

Aaron RG PFP

Investor Marketplace Associate: Aaron's eclectic exploration has propelled him from hedge funds, to technology research and consulting for CPG conglomerates, as well as professional video gaming for a team ranked #1 in the US.

Ethan Rhee


Financial Analyst Intern: Background in structured finance, urban planning, capital markets, and affordable housing, supported by a passion of a sustainable future for all. He has a B.S. from Cornell University and can often be found on the golf course.

Krystel Lualhati


Marketing Intern: Krystel’s done it all, from marketing the global expansion of a fitness company to developing sustainable agriculture start-ups in the Philippines. Marketer by day and a baker by night.

...there needs to be more authentic market-makers, like Raise Green, who are not reclassifying traditional assets by ‘greenwashing,’ but are pioneering the development of new, truly sustainable investments.


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We are powered by people

We have entered a critical decade in our efforts to combat the disastrous effects of climate change.

People around the world have been taking to the streets & airwaves, asking for governments, companies and their communities to take action. Citizens and municipalities are searching for solutions, and investors want to have real impact with their dollars.

Raise Green was built as a direct call to the question people urgently asking- What action can you take to actually make a difference?

Raise Green's Values


We have a strong bias towards action. We’re on a mission to catalyze local development and help people create and fund thousands of community-scale clean energy projects and climate solution companies across the United States.


We are the 1st green crowd-investing portal in the United States dedicated to climate solutions and open to all investors, whether you’re looking to invest thousands in clean energy or your first $100. We help all people to use the power of their capital to create direct change.


We back investments that have verifiable social and environmental impact. This isn’t the greenwashing you see in your typical investment. With Raise Green, you will know exactly what you own, and the impact it makes.

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