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About the Impact Partner Program

Our Impact Partners can come from all walks of life - venture capitalists, university students, entrepreneurs, and community leaders of all kinds. As an Impact Partner, you will explore your existing network, and put yourself out there in new spaces too, to spread the word about Raise Green, crowd-investing, and climate action, and help bring exciting opportunities to life through our platform.


Our Impact Partners are Compensated for:

Sourcing Projects and Companies: As you come across interesting climate projects, entrepreneurs or community leaders who would benefit from a project in their community, or who have a climate business to fund, familiarize them with Raise Green and refer them to our Originator team to come onboard.

Growing our Investor Community: Meet individuals who are passionate about climate action, and spread awareness about investing through Regulation Crowdfunding and through Raise Green. Learn what investors care about, and their impact-investing needs, and share learnings with the Raise Green and Impact Partner community so we can better meet those needs.

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How to Apply

If you want to get paid to advocate for the climate, complete our easy application form below, and we’ll be in touch!

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If you have any questions about the process, application, or structure of this program, please contact

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Impact Partners

Cohort One

Summer 2022 - Summer 2023

Want to learn more about our first cohort of Impact Partners? This group was wildly successful in supporting climate and clean energy financing, connecting mission-driven investors with critical solutions.

Visit our Impact Partners Directory for their stories!


Our Impact Partners are a key part of Raise Green's success. Impact Partners lead conversations about Raise Green, crowd investing, and climate action, and bring exciting opportunities to life through our platform. Impact Partners may be eligible for compensation. Learn more about all of our Impact Partners, the program, and how you can get involved here.