How to raise capital

Financing For Clean Energy Developers

This isn’t your standard crowdfunding. This is Crowdinvesting for Project Finance. Raise Green has leveraged the crowdfunding framework to support solar, energy efficiency, storage, and other clean energy projects and companies building momentum to create a sustainable future.  

Crowdfunding can be faster and more flexible than other financing solutions 

  • Non-dilutive Debt: set competitive interest rates and terms that improve your project economics and support development
  • Set your own terms: access flexible capital through crowdfunding to enable an own-operate business or full community ownership. Stop selling at NTP 
  • Community Engagement: carve out a portion from utility-scale projects to let empower community buy-in, allowing them to participate in the project upside
  • Repeatability: launch one campaign for a project or portfolio and raise up to $5M per year as your pipeline grows with significantly less effort. Crowdfunding scales with repeat offerings.
  • Flexibility: choose to finance your project at the operating company, holdco, or projectco level
  • Passionate Investor Base: engage Raise Green’s network of Impact Investors, consisting of accredited and retail investors, who care about addressing climate change

Raise Green provides:

Standard Securities

Debt or Equity with flexible terms for your growth needs

Full Launch Support

Ongoing support from our Project Management and Marketplace teams to launch in weeks, not months

Marketplace Engagement

Your project will be included on our active marketplace with regular progress updates and advice from our team

Collaborative Marketing

Raise Green will provide a multi-channel marketing campaign for your offering and share the best tips and tricks for your marketing team

Trade Management

Receive investments via wire, ACH, or credit card from investors, IRAs, or institutions and disburse to your bank account

Compliance Review

Full review of all materials by Raise Green’s team to ensure every box is checked


The Raise Green community of dedicated investors, developers and climate entrepreneurs is a growing peer-group of like-minded leaders ready to put their money where their mouth is and roll-up their sleeves to tackle the climate crisis together

How to start your energy project

Follow steps to learn more about how to start your energy project

  • 1 Get a free consultation
  • 2 Fast track your legal and paperwork process
  • 3 Get your solar project or climate tech company up and running
  • 4 Get your solar project or climate tech company funded
  • 5 Enjoy the benefits of clean power

Step 1

Get a free consultation

Have an idea for a solar project? Want to fund your climate tech business?

Our team will provide you with a clear checklist to help start your solar project, or get your company funded.

Step 2

Fast track your legal and paperwork process

Access Raise Green's Originator Engine to help you create your project accurately and simply so that you can focus on raising money to bring your project to life.

Step 3

Get your solar project or climate tech company up and running

Once we’ve agreed on doing an offering, the Raise Green team will work with you to structure your offering so you can get ready to raise the money that you need. We have template legal and financial documents that we make available to you and work together to get the offering live.

Step 4

Get your solar project or climate tech company funded

When all of the documents are ready, and we file the offering with the SEC, you are ready to take investments from your supporters! We give you an offering page and a toolkit to help with outreach, and you can raise all the money you need.

Step 5

Enjoy the benefits of clean power

With Raise Green, your money is invested directly in a climate action project, which means you can track the impact of your investment as it generates clean power.
Sit back and watch the business you invested in work hard to grow!

Raise Green pricing

Raise Green charges a small platform fee to appear on the marketplace and applies a 7% Success Fee upon completion of your raise. Simply stated, we don’t make money unless you do!