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Our Impact Partners can come from all walks of life - venture capitalists, university students, entrepreneurs, and community leaders of all kinds. Impact Partners lead conversations about Raise Green, crowdinvesting, and climate action, and bring exciting opportunities to life through our platform.

Impact Partners Directory

Headshot_Stephen Dynako

Stephen Dynamo

Stephen Dynako is an advocate for conscious evolution and a strategic innovator with a deep background in finance, technology, and mass media. He was formerly director of programming for Shift/Co, a public benefit corporation whose vision is to elevate business to shift humanity. In 2019, Stephen partnered with late legendary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard to offer classes in Conscious Evolution. Stephen was also formerly director of a conscious business certification program for the non-profit Humanity’s Team. His interest in environmental causes dates back to the seventh grade writing letters to advocate for cleanup of polluted lands and for clean water.

Headshot_Michael Hanson

Michael Hanson

Michael Hanson is Associate Portfolio Manager and CFA charterholder with 4+ years of experience in asset allocation and research through both traditional and alternative investments types including sustainable investing. Also a writer, Michael recently returning from a 6 month backpacking trip, and currently residing in Austin, TX.

Heatshot_Peter Ambiel

Peter Ambiel

Peter Ambiel is a graduate student at UC Davis pursuing an Energy System MS through the Energy Graduate Group. His research focuses on EV charging infrastructure deployment and business models, and electrification impacts to distribution system planning and operation. Prior to graduate school, Peter worked at Tesla leading the Destination Charging Program on the East Coast and at Peninsula Clean Energy, a community choice aggregator serving San Mateo County in California, managing PCE’s portfolio of EV charging infrastructure programs and other vehicle-to-grid customer programs. He is a Clean Energy Leadership Institute Fellow and a Fellowship Coordinator for CELI’s Bay Area cohort.

Headshot_Titi Ogunbambi

Titi Ogunbambi

Titi Ogunbambi is a social justice advocate who works to address climate crises and empower women in marginalized communities through her involvement with non-profits. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at National Louis University, Chicago, where her research focuses on the intersection of gender, climate change, and food security. With a background in public policy, Titi has interned at the United Nations Department of Global Communications and currently consults for the DIME Gender, Eco Opp & Fragility team at the World Bank.

Headshot_Courtney Blodgett

Courtney Blodgett

Courtney has 20 years of experience working internationally on climate, sustainability and innovation. She is a founding member of the startup Edo, which transforms buildings into batteries, and the Director of Strategy. She served as the Managing Director of Brooklyn Microgrid, a pioneering platform for peer-to-peer energy trading. She oversaw the Impact Investing Team at Vulcan, concentrating on investments in clean technology. She served as a technical advisor on climate change for the UK government and the United Nations in Rwanda. Courtney is on the Kilowatts for Humanity Board. She is also the creator of Yield Positive, a website dedicated to sustainable investment for regular investors.

Headshot_Bolu Michael

Boluwatife Michael-Biyi

Bolu is an International Development professional with years of experience working with nonprofits, local and international organizations, identifying and leveraging partnerships and contract opportunities, delivering sustained results, and managing projects from idea to impact. Major experience lies in delivering high-profile and complex partnerships, programs, and contracts across mixed funding streams and business models. Bolu is particularly skilled at building and strengthening relationships especially with funding bodies and government institutions, strategizing and leading cross-functional teams to bring about fundamental change and improvement in strategy, process, and profitability. Bolu is passionate about sustainability.

Headshot_Barry Guca

Barry Guca

Barry has 30 years experience working in real estate and financing from Fortune 400 corporation environments to running small businesses, 15 years experience with the renewable energy industry volunteering as board of director for a non-profit. Finance degree U of I, Chicago. Business analyst and system administrator for Northern Trust Co. Designed and architected databases and Transaction Processing Systems to automate many of the manual workflow processes. System Administrator for the Real Estate Trust Department system which managed and processed trust assets for large commercial companies and institutions. Knowledge & experience in areas of real estate: development, project management, construction, net zero technologies. Licensed in real estate and mortgage broker; self-starter running businesses or projects with entrepreneurial requirements to perform start to finish and working with small details to overall vision and management of the entire project. Fosters rescue dogs & cats for local animal non-profits.

Headshot_Thomas Guest 3

Thomas Guest

Thomas Guest (AKA TL) is a social entrepreneur focused on building community at the intersection of climate innovation and social justice. Over the last 18 months, Thomas has traveled to 14 countries across 5 continents to engage a global network of climate change-makers. And now, he's organizing that network into a movement called Brym ( He's learned that in many ways, Climate Justice = Community Ownership, so he's excited to manifest that lesson in his work through Raise Green! A city boy at heart, he loves pizza, bagels, and the New York Yankees + Knicks.

Headshot_Vid Micevic

Vid Micevic

Vid is an Associate at Unreasonable Group where he evaluates 2,000+ climate tech companies a year for Unreasonable's Fellowship comprised of Series A+ companies globally. Previously he was a portfolio manager at a pre-seed incubator and a co-founder of a clean water filtration social venture that scaled to several countries. Outside of Climate Tech, Vid grounds himself through movement, creativity, and pursuing his intellectual curiosity. You'll see him training for triathlons, hammocking to a good book, telling stories through his camera, and scribbling ideas on creating a more sustainable and just world.

Headshot_Ryan Martin

Ryan Martin

Ryan is an operator with 10+ years of experience across multiple Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and early-stage startups. He is an angel investor with 14+ years of experience in public markets, and 4+ years of investing in startups, with an exclusive focus on climate & clean energy. As a Scout for Enduring Planet, he also works with climate startups to provide non-dilutive growth capital, including revenue-based financing and grant advance opportunities. In recent years, he has dedicated most of his time to the climate & clean energy startup ecosystem, by arranging investor introductions, advising alternative funding resources, and providing product or growth insights, while helping to raise millions for early stage founders.

Headshot_Rohit Nayak

Rohit Nayak

Rohit is an engineer turned entrepreneur. His venture, EcoAd replaced 13 million plastic bags with a sustainable alternative, while upcycling thousands of tons of scrap, and generating 1700 jobs in marginalized communities. He was selected and trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader and made to the Forbes 30Under30 Asia list. Currently, he is developing a super-efficient Air to Water generation technology.


Connor Lachenbruch

Connor's background is in Wall Street, but he's now works as a climate investor, advisor, and optimist specializing in emerging markets. Surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking and rock climbing my way around the world.

Kate Drane Headshot RG 3

Kate Drane

Kate Drane is inspired by founders who are building better futures, and sees democratizing capital access as the crucial factor for their success. She has spent the last 12 years as an operator supporting the development of early-stage startups through her roles at Indiegogo, Techstars and Breakthrough Energy. In addition to serving as an Impact Partner at Raise Green, she is part of Hustle Fund’s Angel Squad. Kate lives in SF where she received her MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School.


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We have entered a critical decade in our efforts to combat the disastrous effects of climate change.

People around the world have been taking to the streets & airwaves, asking for governments, companies and their communities to take action. Citizens and municipalities are searching for solutions, and investors want to have real impact with their dollars.

Raise Green was built as a direct response to the question people are urgently asking - What action can you take to actually make a difference?

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We have a strong bias towards action. We’re on a mission to catalyze local development and help people create and fund thousands of community-scale clean energy projects and climate solution companies across the United States.

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We are the 1st green crowd-investing portal in the United States dedicated to climate solutions and open to all investors, whether you’re looking to invest thousands in clean energy or your first $100. We help all people to use the power of their capital to create direct change.

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We back investments that have verifiable social and environmental impact. This isn’t the greenwashing you see in your typical investment. With Raise Green, you will know exactly what you own, and the impact it makes.

...there needs to be more authentic market-makers, like Raise Green, who are not reclassifying traditional assets by “greenwashing,” but are pioneering the development of new, truly sustainable investments.

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