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As leaders in the pursuit of a sustainable future, Raise Green is dedicated to building a community of informed climate champions. Raise Green account holders will be able to participate in our Raise Green Education Community by engaging in conversations on our blogs and forums led by Raise Green Educators.

Raise Green Educators are leaders and role models seeking to nurture the next generation of climate innovators and leaders. 

By participating in the Raise Green Education community you can learn about emerging technologies and trends in the climate world from Raise Green Educators - participants and leaders in their respective climate related fields:

  • Carbon Removal & Storage
  • Carbon Utilization
  • Point-source Carbon Capture
  • Carbon Offsets/Marketplace
  • MRV & Ratings
  • Clean Energy Projects
  • DERs
  • Hydrogen
  • Energy Storage
  • Grid Management
  • Alternative Protein
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Sustainable Fertilizers 
  • Nature Restoration
  • Food Waste
  • Electric Autos
  • Batteries 
  • Micromobility
  • Zero-Emission
  • Aviation & Shipping
  • Low-Carbon Fuels

Climate Management
  • Earth Observation
  • Climate Risk
  • Emissions Tracking
  • Emissions Accounting
  • ESG Investing & Fintech
Built Environment
  • Building Materials
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Construction
  • Steel, Cement, Chemicals
  • Efficient Manufacturing
  • Metals & Mining
  • Circular Economy
  • Waste & Recycling
Public Sector
  • International Organizations
  • US Federal Government
  • State Government
  • City, County and Municipal Government
  • Law and Policy
  • Advocacy and Non-profits
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Angel Groups
  • Asset Manager
  • Investment Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Climate Investing
  • ESG

You will be able to find Raise Green Educator content on our website and in our social media channels. All Raise Green Educator contributions will be indicated as such.

All Raise Green Educators are pre-screened to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • At least 5 years of experience in relevant industry
  • History of published academic in relevant industry
  • History of public speaking engagements with reputable organizations in relevant industry
  • Direct affiliation (i.e. teaching/speaking engagements, organization leadership, etc.) with academic institutions in relevant industry
  • Holds certifications/accreditations in relevant industries form reputable organizations
  • Demonstrable leadership in non-profit/community organizations
  • Board member of an organization/firm in relevant industry(does not have to be current)
  • Holds a senior decision making title
  • Promotion by reputable media outlet

If you are interested in becoming a Raise Green Educator,  please send a request to with a subject line - Raise Green Educator Application.  Once approved you will be a Verified Educator with the ability to post!


Getting Started

  • You must have a Raise Green account to participate. Sign up here!
  • No fees associated with being tagged a Verified Educator, posting materials or comments
  • No minimum or maximum requirement to post materials or make comments 
  • Materials and comments posted will include the Verified Educator tag, name, and a requirement to disclose any conflict of interest related to the posts you are making. 
    • To publish content as a Raise Green educator please send your content to for screening 
  • Materials and comments, whether Verified Educator or not, are expected to maintain a professional, informative, and respectful demeanor  
  • Materials and comments are reviewed by Raise Green versus educational guidelines in advance of public posting. Review may include but not limited to: 
    • Reads clearly
    • Sourced if referencing facts
    • Reasonably informative, related to the climate space in some manner
    • Tends toward more general information vs pitching a specific manufacturer’s product unless there is a specific educational benefit
    • Does not constitute investment, financial, accounting or legal advice 
  • To remove your Verified Educator tag at any time, reach out to



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