Set your own terms

Ability to set their own financing terms without the traditional limitations of bank loans.

Cost savings

Opportunity to capture tax incentives, establish long-term contracted returns and achieve energy savings.

Clean power

Ability to reduce carbon footprint, establish power independence and build community resilience.

Why originators work with Raise Green


Introducing the Raise Green Originator Engine

Raise Green’s Originator Engine software is the "turbo-tax" for your solar project. We provide a step-by-step guide to start and successfully run your solar project, including:

1) Legal templates to quickly start your project.

2) Financial modeling support to determine if your project is on track to make a healthy return.

3) Checklists to make sure you stay on-track and compliant.

4) Negotiation support for establishing beneficial power purchase agreements.

5) Introductions to partners that can support building and running your project over time.

Introducing The Rais


Exclusive Access to Raise Green Investor Marketplace

When working with Raise Green, you get access to Raise Green's investor community, including tax equity partners through our investor marketplace. We help you set your own financing terms to raise debt or equity and reduce your weighted average cost of capital.

Raise Green Investor

Raise Green Loan Program

Get a $1,000 zero interest loan to help with startup costs

Project Spotlight

New Haven, Connecticut

Originator: New Haven Community Solar

Stage: Running

Build-date: January 2019

Description: In 2018, New Haven Community Solar completed the first fully-equity crowdfunded solar project in the U.S. It acquired and installed a 9.24 kW solar project located on Button Street in New Haven. The project is built on the Jim Vlock First Year Building Project – a partnership between the Yale School of Architecture and Columbus House. The systems provides discounted electricity to Columbus House, a nonprofit organization based in New Haven that serves people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing shelter and housing and by fostering their personal growth and independence. This project creates a predictable set of future cash flows for investors and provides Columbus House access to low-cost electricity to further their mission.


How to start your solar project

Step 1: Get a free consultation

Have an idea for a solar project?

Our team will provide you with a clear checklist to help start your solar project.

Lightbulb Worker

Step 2: Fast track your legal and paperwork process

Access Raise Green's Originator Engine to help you create your project accurately and simply so that you can focus on raising money to bring your project to life.

Project Runner

Step 3: Get your solar project funded

Post your project on the Raise Green marketplace where you can connect with a large network of investors who are ready to back your project.

We provide one-on-one support to help you market your project and reach your funding goals.

Calculate Your Earnings

Step 4: Get your project up and running

Once your project is funded, Raise Green will provide guidance on how to build and manage your project over time.

Build Your System

Step 5: Enjoy the benefits of clean power

Whether it's reducing electricity bills, creating community resiliency, or helping to build local wealth, watch the positive impact of your project grow and celebrate with your community.

Raise Green project originators also have the potential to earn annual cash-flow from their solar project.


Fees and charges

Raise Green Pricing

For now, and for a limited time, it's free to start and list a project on Raise Green's marketplace.

Simply said... we don't get paid if you don't raise money!

If a project is successful, we apply a 5% Success Fee to the funds collected for your project. We also maintain a small percentage of the securities sold in your offering. We want your project to succeed, that's why we join the crowd in supporting it!

Raise Green Pricing

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