Raise Green Loan Program

Get $1,000 to start your Climate Action Project

Qualifying applicants will receive $1,000 zero interest loan to help fund the startup costs associated with creating a Climate Action Project.

We know that starting a project company can take resources you might not have. We created the Raise Green Loan Program to help accelerate the development of Climate Action Projects in local communities.

120 days

Share Knowledge

Take your time. We ask that you payback your loan within 120 days.

0% interest

Document Sentiment

We don't charge you any fees for your loan.

First come, first serve

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Our loan program is for a limited time only. See if you qualify!

Raise Green Loan Program

Cover your startup costs

These loans are limited to new projects to cover startup-costs. Use your funds to kick-start your project and bring solar to your local community!

Cover your startup costs


We are doubling the qualified loan amount for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Women project creators.


$1,000, zero interest loan

Applicant Checklist

Raise Green will consider loans on a first come first basis for those that have completed the qualifying criteria steps.

1) Signed Issuer Agreement

2) Cleared Background and Bad Actor Check

3) Proof of Company Incorporation

4) Passed RAISE Model Review

5) Description of your startup budget i.e. Spending required to prepare the project for fundraising on Raise Green's Investor Marketplace.

Program Disclosures

Additional Details

Raise Green reserves the right to terminate the loan program at its discretion at any time, and modify the loan criteria during the pilot Loan Program without directly contacting you.

We will review each Loan request on a case by case basis, and reserves the right in its discretion to determine if it will extend a Loan. Not all Loans that submit all required information will be approved. Under certain circumstances, Raise Green may provide exceptions to the Loan Program Criteria.

It's important to us that you are able to get the resources you need to start your project. Therefore, we do not charge any fees for our loan program.

Please note that taxes may apply to your loan. Since these are zero interest loans, you may be deemed to have recognized income equal to the interest that would be charged at the Applicable Federal Rate (AFR). For example, you can find the current AFR here – which for 120 day loans (short-term) is currently 0.14%, so you might expect a tax of 0.14%, or $1.40 for a $1,000 loan during the year you receive your loan. Availability may vary by State. None of this constitutes, legal, financial, or tax advice.