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Read a project’s financial profile, its anticipated impact, and the community it will serve.

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Successful projects earn returns that you, as a co-owner, would get to enjoy! Anyone can invest in a project, whether it’s $100,000 or your first $100.

Quantifiable impact you can see

Track the impact your money is making over time and know how many kWh of clean power your investment is helping to produce.

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Solar Project Types

Solar Panels

Solar panels for houses, nonprofits, community centers, churches and more!

Community Solar

Co-own a solar project in your neighborhood and share the benefits: clean energy and lower electricity bills.


Increased resilience for communities who want to generate their own clean energy and own their battery storage.

Other Types of Climate Action

Affordable Housing

Low income tenants and disadvantaged communities can benefit from low-carbon affordable housing.

Energy Efficiency

Decrease energy usage and electricity bills by installing more efficient technology on buildings like homes and businesses.

Urban Agriculture

Improve access to locally-grown food, create income and jobs, and beautify communities through community gardens and urban agriculture.

Project Owners: "Originators"

Community Leaders

Anyone can create their own green job, and step up to create their own climate solution and organize their community to fund it.

Business Owners

Harness clean energy for your own company, benefit from additional potential revenue streams, or share the benefits with customers.


With electricity savings from low-cost clean energy, nonprofits can dedicate more funds towards their mission.

Looking to get your Project Funded?

Raise Green's Originator Engine provides resources to help you create a clean energy project.

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