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Raise Green Originator Accelerator

Learn how to create your own green job.

Raise Green Originator Accelerator

Enroll in our 6 week course

Raise capital for a variety of different needs: development capital, construction or term loans, refinance existing assets, or issue equity for community ownership!

Participants can now receive hands-on instruction from the Raise Green team to help bring your project idea to reality! If you join us and complete the course, we will put down a $500 benefit that goes toward the costs of your raise.

Creating a solar project requires time and dedication. We created our Originator Accelerator course to make this process as easy as possible for you, the project creator.

Originator Accelerator Course

$500 benefit

When you list your project, Raise Green will pay $500 towards the costs of opening your escrow account and conducting a background check so that you will be ready to raise funds.

6 weeks

Our course will meet once a week (2 hour sessions on Wednesdays at 5pm), for six weeks, starting March 10th.

Earn Revenue!

Originators may own an estimated 10-15% equity per project, yielding earnings up to $20,000 per year*.


Week 1

Design your project

This week we will take you through the process of designing your solar project, including: sizing your system, getting an installer, determining the cost of your solar project, and securing a bid from a certified installer. We will also cover the basics of finding an offtaker (i.e. buyer) for the power your project produces.

Week 2

Sell your power

It’s time to set up your project to sell solar power to an offtaker. This week is focused on understanding how funds will flow in and out of your project. Together we will calculate the potential earnings of your project, and review your project’s personalized financial model. By the end of this class you will be ready to start negotiating your project’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Week 3

Build your team

Building your project company involves the collaboration of several project partners, which can include the following: legal, banking, insurance, and operations and maintenance (O&M). This week will focus on learning how your project will be structured and the team we recommend you have in place to support you, including the Raise Green investor community.

Week 4

Form your company

It’s time to get your company formally set up! With your new team in place, we will help you decide on how to manage the equity (i.e. ownership percentages) of your project and get your project registered with the state and the federal government. This process takes time, but we will get started early to ensure you’re ready to launch your crowdinvesting campaign when the time comes.

Week 5

Running your business

This week we cover how to manage your solar project over the course of its lifetime. Once your project is up and running, there are several things we recommend you do to ensure the project operates successfully. We will help simplify this process, so that you have the knowledge to manage your project for years to come.

Week 6

Fund your project

This week we review the steps to get your solar project fully funded. This includes an overview of how to market your project, and preparing your project to list for investors.

Course Requirements

While anyone can enroll in our course, we request that participants have a location and project size in mind for their solar project prior to attending.

If you do not have a location selected for your project (along with written permission from the site owner to use it for a project), please contact our team for additional consultation prior to enrolling in the course at

Join our community of originators

Course Disclosures

These returns and costs are hypothetical examples. This is not financial or legal advice. Raise Green offers an option to fund a portion of the project costs from partner investors in addition to community crowd investors. Cash raised from crowdfunding and investor partners are not guaranteed. Annual cash benefit contingent on Project Scope, PPA contract agreement i.e. average cost/kwh, installation size and average production of solar array. If Originator is also off-taker, they may benefit from reduced electricity prices. Varies by year, state and project specifics.

Raise Green's $500 benefit will be used to open your Raise Green Investor Marketplace account (escrow account). This benefit will not be paid by Raise Green until your project is ready to raise money from the crowd.